Estrellas Christmas Campaign

Send a musical Christmas E-card!

Would you like to send someone a special Christmas message? Then you should send the Popkoor Estrellas e-card! Since we, unfortunately, can’t perform live in the upcoming time and still really like singing together, we recorded a special Christmas song for you. You can send this Christmas song to everyone you love. If you’d like to, you could donate a self-chosen amount to the choir in exchange.

How to send the E-card


Send an E-mail

Send us an e-mail at with the message that you would like to receive the E-card.


Receive the E-card

You’ll receive the E-card and we will send you an open Tikkie, here you can indicate the amount you want to pay.


Send the E-card

You can send the E-card to anyone you want!

Yes! I want to send the E-card!