Wilfred Reneman

All rehearsals and performances are led by our conductor: Wilfred Reneman. He studied at the Conservatory in Groningen where he focused on choral conducting and school music.

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Wilfred is a conductor of several choirs and has a lot of experience with conducting. As a result, he often quickly knows what he wants. During rehearsals this is reflected in his direct and efficient approach.


Besides being the conductor, Wilfred Reneman also makes arrangements for our choir. Every year he makes a number of arrangements on request. Therefore we can deviate from the usual choral pieces and choose the number that we would like to sing in consultation with the members. Even if these are less known.

Musical director

Finally, it is up to Wilfred to judge all auditions. New members will sing to Wilfred and he will listen to see if the voice fits within the choir. Auditions for solos in the choir numbers are also assessed by Wilfred.