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June 28 – Juli 3 2021

Lustrum Week

Pop choir Estrellas has existed for 10 years this year! To celebrate that, our Lustrum committee has organized a lustrum week. In the overview on the right you can see what we are going to do.

Are you a (former) member and would you like to participate or help? Send an email to or click the button to contact us.

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Summer 2021

Summer concert

Every year Pop Choir Estrellas gives a summer concert. In this summer concert we show our entire repertoire from the past year. This concert also has a theme, but what that is exactly remains a surprise. Would you like to look back at previous summer concerts? You can! Recordings can be found on our YouTube channel.

Summer concert 2019
November 6 2021

BALK TOPfestival

The BALK TOPfestival is a choir festival organized by BALK veelzijdig vocaal in which different light music choirs and vocal groups come together to watch each other, listen to each other and compete against each other in competitions within different classes. This festival takes place in De Doelen, Rotterdam.

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Previous events

Cork Choral International Festival 2021

Participated with:

Blackbird – Deke Sharon
Oceaan – Raccoon

Fall concert 2020

Theme:  A Journey Through Time

Winter concert 2019

 In collaboration with the
Femmes Cabales

Summer concert 2019

Theme: The Four Elements

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