“You guys are a GREAT inspiration! Small girls, big girls, blondes, brunettes, ALL kinds. And all wonderful and confident, as you should be!
Thank you!

Sing to the world girls. This is what youth should be.
You are what the rest of us should be.”

John KjĂžller, Jury Report BALK Topfestival 2017

We feel it is important that all our members feel comfortable in the choir. That is why we regularly plan activities that strengthen the group and that ensure that everyone feels safe. You can see that in our performances, because the more comfortable you feel, the more you dare to show yourself.
Within the choir there is therefore no room for discrimination and other forms of exclusion. Not only is this not tolerated, the choir regularly sings songs that draw attention to social injustice. In addition, the choir participated in #050hangtdevlaguit.

The choir was founded as a women’s choir. For our generation, however, this term is somewhat outdated and insufficiently inclusive for all our members. We still use the voice groups alto, mezzo and soprano, but do not look at what gender or sex our members have. If your voice is a good fit for the choir and you feel like you could be part of our group, that’s enough to become a member.