About us

• We are the student pop choir of Groningen, consisting of 24 enthusiastic, spontaneous girls.

The members of our choir are all unique. From medicine to the PABO and from mathematics to communication. Some of us have just been singing with the choir for a few months and others are already true Estrellas veterans with their four years of membership. Despite our different personalities, we all share the same passion: singing! Every Thursday evening we meet in the attic of Usva to rehearse the songs from our repertoire.

Besides the rehearsals on Thursdays, the Estrellas do many more fun things. Think of trips to the karaoke bar, a running dinner, sing-a-long movienight and even blind date dinners! Once a year we go on a choir weekend: a weekend full of music, fun, games and sleepless nights. We have made friends for life by singing with each other.

• The student pop choir Estrellas from Groningen was founded in the spring of 2011 from the six-monthly course ‘all ladies pop choir’ by Usva. Usva has been the Cultural Student Centre of the University of Groningen since 1969. It offers both exploratory and in-depth courses in the disciplines of dance, body & mind, music, multimedia, visual, word and theatre.

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• Under the direction of conductor Wilfred Reneman the choir has existed for almost 7 years now. Many singing students have joined the choir over the years. Every year in September auditions are held, so that the places of departing members can be filled.

With great enthusiasm the students give performances. Often in Groningen, sometimes far beyond. Curious when the next performances will be? On the Performances page you will find our next performances.

• Pop choir Estrellas sings mainly three-part repertoire. The choir consists of 24 members, divided into 3 different voice groups. 8 sopranos, 8 mezzos and 8 alto’s.