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Pop choir Estrellas consists of three voice groups: sopranos, mezzos and altos. The members are equally divided over these parts. If you are interested in the choir, the conductor will first check if your voice is suitable and if so, which vocal part will do you best justice. Then we will have to check whether there is room in your voice group. If not, you can be put on the waiting list. Are you interested? Please send an email to popkoorestrellas@live.nl to come and have a look at one of our rehearsals!

Membership and contribution
Pop choir Estrellas is a student choir. This means that only students can become a member. It also means that members can remain members of the choir for a maximum of 1 year after graduation.

Membership of the choir starts when you have been admitted by the conductor. From that moment you can participate in the rehearsals and pay your membership fee. The contribution amounts to 186 euro and is paid in three instalments of 62 euro each. Cancellation of the membership is done in writing, verbal cancellations cannot be processed.

International students

Are you an international student and are you interested in becoming a member of our choir? Feel free to send us an email at popkoorestrellas@live.nl and we will invite you to one of our rehearsals. However, it is important to know that our rehearsals will be fully in Dutch!

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